A Visit To The Nangus Shiflett Cemetery

A Visit To The Nangus Shiflett Cemetery

In April of 2012 I decided to visit this cemetery. What I found when I arrived was a beautiful spot atop a ridge that I felt was a very fitting spot. The area surrounding the cemetery was rather grown-up and somewhat difficult to navigate on the trek to it. From 33 eastbound you need to pull off the side of the road across from the new entrance to Shenandoah National Park. Once parked, you need to climb the bank until you arrive in the old roadbed. Although it’s not easily seen from where you park, it’ll be quite obvious when you reach the flat area that once served as the road across the mountain. Begin walking west following the roadbed for about 1/2 a mile. The walk will be littered with debris and the occasional downed tree so be prepared to do some crouching and climbing. As the walk winds down you’ll find a fork in the trail. You need to bear to the right when you get to this fork. After walking a short distance you’ll find an old wooden post with a tin can perched atop to mark the cemetery. The gate has fallen along with the fence that once surrounded the area. The original bench that once served as a resting spot for visitors has rotted down but a number of years ago some thoughtful descendents built a new one in it’s place.

Many of the stones sit unmarked and some that were once marked have become weathered and hard to read. There are a handful of easily read stones and during the springtime the flowers still poke their heads through the soil. This is a very peaceful place and I felt a sense of calmness when I stood amongst the markers. Remember, leave things as you found them unless you leave them better.


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  1. So happy I found this…we share many many ancestors – my grandmother is Elizabeth Lamb daughter of Wesley B. Lamb who is brother to Zeb Lamb and whose parents are William and Annie Lamb so we share the same GG parents. My grandmother married Thomas Grover Samuels. Thank you so much I will keep exploring your information. Hello Cousin!!!!

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