Come Sit A Spell…..Won’t You?

Thomas Wesley Meadows house (2)
Thomas Wesley Meadows porch sittin’

Is there one thing you wish was “the norm” today that took place 40, 50, 100 years ago? For me it’s the absence of the front porch as a community gathering place. As I sit here tonight I can’t help but drift back to a time where it was perfectly normal to show up at the neighbor’s house unannounced and expect to carry on a good evening’s conversation without feeling like you’re keeping them from their busy lives. Where did that time go? How did we get so caught up in the day-to-day rush that we forgot how to slow down and enjoy those around us?

Instead of boring you with a history lesson, I figured I would include a link to a wonderful article on the origins of the American front porch.

With the invention of the cell phone, GPS, and home computer came a rushed society living on how much we can stuff into our lives in the 24 hours we’re blessed with each day. It’s no longer about taking time and thanking our creator for what we’re given, it’s become more important to rush to each destination and limit our time so that we might get one more thing done each day. Is it wrong to want to accomplish everything we can in the time we’re given each day? I thank not but on the same hand I think we’re slowing moving away from the things that make life worth living; time with loved ones.

The photo’s I’ve decided to share in this particular piece depict a time that is slowing fading from the American landscape. You see family & friends that are laughing, talking, and enjoying the one thing money can’t buy; loved ones.

Jimmy Lam Home Weaver Hollow 1951
Porch sittin’ at the home of James “Jimmy” & Celestia “Lessie” Lam (My Great Grandparents)

So here we sit, in front of our computers in a chair that is probably less than comfortable. It’s time to take a deep breath, slow down, and put a couple rockers back out on the front porch and pour some sweet tea. Call the neighbors over and I think human nature will take over at that point. Enjoy…


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5 Responses to Come Sit A Spell…..Won’t You?

  1. Vicky says:

    I totally agree! A house is not a home without a front porch! It is an extension of the family living space in warm months……a place to work and visit! I recall many wonderful evenings of conversation with family and friends……..precious memories!

  2. Phyllis says:

    I loved these days and evenings as a child in Virginia! My Mom,and other family members would spend many hours on the front porch, singing country and gospel music, playing their guitars, and gossiping, while the children played games of tag, hopscotch,catching fireflies, and even making mud pies sometimes. Then it was time for a bath in the big tin tub filled wit hot water fresh off the old coal stove, and the wonderful smell of home made soap I can still smell to this day!

  3. Helen Tovey says:

    You are so wise – even from chilly old England, that time to relax on a porch with friends and family sounds like time to be treasured.

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