Beginning The Project…

For quite some time I’ve wanted to begin a project that would tell the true story of the mountain residents from the areas in and around Rockingham & Page County VA. If you, or anyone you know would like to contribute to this undertaking by participating in an informal interview please contact me. I’m hoping to find folks who are direct descendents of the mountain residents and have stories to share, or folks who remembering living in the mountains in earlier years. Please pass the word and contact me to set something up.

Anyone can contact me at

Lewis Lam with grandson, Billy

Lewis Lam with grandson, Billy


About Blue Ridge Ramblings....

For as long as I can remember history has always held a special place in my heart. Genealogy has always played a large part in my history research....
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7 Responses to Beginning The Project…

  1. I am curious to see what information you gather regarding Rockingham County. My husband’s family passed through there for a generation or so in the early 1800s. His ancestor later moved to Illinois, then Nebraska.

  2. This project could take a good bit of time to put together. I have lots of great photos and stories to share on here while we wait on everything to come together. Do you know where they lived during their stay?

  3. Christy Fitzpatrick says:

    Hi! My ancestors lived in the area from 1860 to 1920. I have never heard stories about the area, but am looking forward to reading everyone else’s.

  4. tammy good says:

    My dads family was one if the families that was relocated off elkton mountain to put in skyline drive…stories I was told is that he walked to town of elkton to find home to move his family too…his name was Elmer Lawson, that would been my grandfather, who passed away before I was born..any info you know about this story I would love to hear… I have aunt that lives in home they relocated too…just wonder about location they moved from..thanks good luck, at this day and time we really need to remember where we came from and how times were back then…

  5. Amy Supples Curtis says:

    My grandfather’s family was moved from the mountain when he was a teenager. The stories he used to tell us were so interesting. Probably not something you would want for a book, mostly things they did up on the mountain growing up. He passed a few years ago, but we used to go visit the area the old house once stood. He lost a dime (which was a lot back then) off the front porch. My family has spent many moments looking for that dime. He earned the dime by helping some man roll a tire of some sort down off the top of the mountain.

  6. C E Dean says:

    My 5th Great Grandfather was Jimmy Dean. My Grandfather was John and he was a lumberjack and bootlegger among other things and lived in Elkton before ‘running from the revenuers’ to PA after the family was illegally forced to vacate their homestead.

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