Taking a trip to the Dean Cemetery (within Shenandoah National Park) 10-12-14

On October 12th my wife & I began a trip from the far south end of Skyline Drive into Shenandoah National Park with a visit to the Dean Cemetery on our agenda. The following photos are what we captured during our trip. I hope y’all enjoy them as much as we did.

1011262_10152433156032828_6479170595961644173_n 1476449_10152433157242828_8202173017428161756_n 1655853_10152433155967828_5986565917594009435_n 1779281_10152433154972828_4041446831748866180_n 1920115_10152433155622828_7416772817272896525_n 1969253_10152433155822828_3007939363809566336_n 10349197_10152433157367828_7605717340631557140_n 10352265_10152433154602828_48210837545426272_n 10353021_10152433157692828_1582023781291896418_n 10460201_10152433157122828_7555284531420055024_n 10501893_10152433155757828_3230202339998484515_n 10520087_10152433155267828_571875092148248275_n 10606006_10152433156147828_4745440717139349545_n 10606249_10152433155442828_3034032212106112509_n 10609561_10152433155562828_1884491920066505270_n 10613141_10152433155347828_4764947960426003717_n 10614135_10152433154902828_5137675657585412226_n 10646676_10152433155147828_8669593254216992018_n 10670040_10152433156492828_7244155827454025634_n 10687134_10152433154492828_5541523040647237651_n 10703993_10152433154547828_6204717730364560638_n 10731016_10152433156677828_90224593515180738_n


About Blue Ridge Ramblings....

For as long as I can remember history has always held a special place in my heart. Genealogy has always played a large part in my history research....
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1 Response to Taking a trip to the Dean Cemetery (within Shenandoah National Park) 10-12-14

  1. C E Dean says:

    One of the most spiritual places to which I have been..

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